Updated February 2019 

Why a blog on parks in Fairfax County?

Welcome!  If you live here you and I are part of the 1.1 million residents, 116,000 businesses, 188,000 public school students (other students: count unknown), that make up the county.  We occupy 406 square miles.

Of that, nearly 47 square miles held by our two largest park agencies, the county and regional park authorities.

As we grow and urbanize, so grows the role of parks.  The City Parks Alliance describes parks as “green engines to help address nearly every urban need.”  To create and nurture parks to be these “green engines,” we need not only taxpayer-based government funding but government permission, encouragement and facilitation to get things done.  We need more open and collaborative communication with our parks agencies.  While appreciating the hard work of park management, it’s right to ask “how can we do better”?

This blog is an independent (not affiliated with another entity) endeavor to:

  • Better understand and appreciate the substantial public resource of our parkland.
  • Highlight trends and achievements found elsewhere that leverage the power of parks in urban areas, from innovative design to creative partnerships to anything with a bit of ‘wow’ to it.  Highlight these trends and achievements here, too, as found!
  • Advocate for the role of the citizen, especially how we can jump over the “there’s no money” obstacle to find new ways to get things done.

Marie Reinsdorf, editor

Emails welcome:  pfpfairfax@gmail.com.

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About the editor:  former Fairfax County Park Authority board member (2008-2012) with an interest in social and community issues.

Originally posted July 2018