Post 3: Open the Parks for Improvement by People, Please!

A Crying Need for An Open Door to the Public to Work Together with Government for Better Parks: A slightly long post exploring this idea

New York City long ago saw the need to unleash citizen power on parks.   Maintenance needs grew, funding shrunk.   There was a need for a program of encouragement and facilitation; citizens could take on development and maintenance, AND bring parks to life with their own vision and energy.   One result was the New York Partnership for Parks, and its People Make Parks program — please click the link to get a taste of what they do:

“We equip people, organizations and government with the skills and tools they need to transform these [park] spaces into dynamic community assets.”

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Post 1: Hello from Parks for People

Covering the world of parks in the Fairfax County, Virginia Area

[updated July 16]

Parks are a major public resource, representing major public investment.  Per the Fairfax County Park Authority’s recent annual report, its nearly 24,000 acres of land, building and equipment of that agency are valued at $624 million.  It employs thousands, and thousands more contribute to parks as volunteers and donors.  We can’t put a number on inherent value as natural holdings and public commons.   Parks touch on every aspect of physical, social, environmental, economic, cultural, and educational health and vitality.

This blog and site will focus on parks, with an emphasis on advocating for the role of people.  How can we citizens best work together with each other and with our government for parks that are at their best?  In the most enjoyable and productive ways?  Using creativity and sound practices? What information, what tools and kinds of discussions do we need for the best outcomes?

We’ll publish regularly, and grow the site with other useful pages, such as the Reference Page with its lists of organizations and publications you may be interested in; and we’ll seek to bring people and organizations together.

This is dedicated to our parks and to all of us in Fairfax County.  Below I write about why this blog is important to me.

Marie Reinsdorf, editor

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